Vera™ Signature

Comfortable contemporary design seating with wide array of sizes and options
We believe our Signature product is the only offering in the worship seating industry that delivers true performing arts standards. The enhancement of wood exteriors on the back, seat, end panels, and arm caps reflects maximum quality control as a product of SERIES’ own mill work division. As with all Vera models, accessories include aisle lights, book racks, communion cup holders, card holders, coffee cup holders, seat numbers and aisle letters.


  • signage
    • Seat Number Plates
    • Aisle row identification letter plates
    • Donor plates
    • Aisle row end panel logo plates
    • Slip back cover with logo
    • ADA plate
    • Custom signage available
    • Finish Options: Black plate with white characters, or brushed stainless, brass, bronze, or copper with black characters
    • Signage plates surface mounted
    • Signage plates recessed mounted
    • Cup holder: Steel removable cup holder rear or front support mounted
    • Communion Cup Holder: Rear mounted
    • Book holder rear mounted
    • Card holder side of seat mounted
    • Beam or panel mounted
    • 4 wire 2 circuit UL listed manufacturer wiring system
    • 13-Duplex or USB receptacles per circuit
    • 20 amps per circuit (Circuit 1 and 2 only)
    • Roller skate dolly


Coming Soon!


  • Chair Widths
    • 20" (508mm) and 22" (559mm) or any dimension in between 20" (508mm) and 24" (610mm) using Series Seating patented accordion system
    • Back Heights: 35" (899mm) 42" (1,066mm)
    • Back pitch at 19, 17, 14 and 12 degrees
    • Fully upholstered snap-in cover or Matex snap-in cover on outer back
    • Outer back engineered wood panel: 9 ply 3/4" (19mm) or 7 ply 19/16" (14mm) laminate or wood veneer
    • Fully upholstered zippered cover or Matex zippered seat bottom
    • Seat bottom engineered wood panel: 9 ply 3/4" (19mm) or 7 ply 19/16" (14mm). Laminate or wood veneer
    • Armrest: Polyurethane, laminate and wood
    • Lift-up armrest
    • Cup holder armrest
    • Engineered wood panel: 9 ply 3/4" (19mm) or 36 ply 2" (50mm) 3/4 length. Upholstered, laminate or wood veneer
    • Engineered wood panel: 36 ply 2" (50mm) Full-length upholstered, laminate or wood veneer
    • ADA swing-out panel
    • ADA lift-up armrest
    • Custom aisle row panel design available
    • Veneer engineered wood panels: Stained edge, veneer edge, or wood banding
    • Laminate engineered wood panels: Stained edge
    • LED 12 or 24Volts - soft warm white 2700-3000K, natural white 3600-4100K, cool white daylight 5000-6500K
    • Aisle lights mount under the armrest or in the end panel
    • Custom LED lighting available
    • Floor supports for flat and slope floors. Up to 9 degrees
    • Floor cantilever support for flat and slope floors. Up to 9 degrees
    • Riser supports for riser's heights between 6" to 24"
    • Air pedestal supports
    • Full-length intermediate engineered wood support 36 ply 2" (50mm)
    • Upholstered, laminate or wood veneer
    • Intermediate armless supports
    • Active
    • Dynamic
    • Tandem of 1, 2, or 3 chairs
    • Out-in of individual chairs
    • Riser removable system of individual chairs