Vera™ Dynamic

Contemporary design tablet arm chair with wide array of sizes and options
Vera Dynamic


  • signage
    • Seat Number Plates
    • Aisle row identification letter plates
    • Donor plates
    • Aisle row end panel logo plates
    • Slip back cover with logo
    • ADA plate
    • Custom signage available
    • Finish Options: Black plate with white characters, or brushed stainless, brass, bronze, or copper with black characters
    • Signage plates surface and/or recessed mounted
    • Cup holder: Steel removable cup holder rear or front support mounted
    • Communion Cup Holder: Rear mounted
    • Book holder rear mounted
    • Card holder side of seat mounted
    • Beam or panel mounted
    • 4 wire 2 circuit UL listed manufacturer wiring system
    • 13-Duplex or USB receptacles per circuit
    • 20 amps per circuit (Circuit 1 and 2 only)
    • Roller skate dolly


Coming Soon!


  • Chair Widths
    • 20" (508mm) and 22" (559mm) or any dimension in between 20" (508mm) and 24" (610mm) using Series Seating patented accordion system
    • Back Heights: 35" (899mm) 42" (1,066mm)
    • Back pitch at 17 degrees
    • Fully upholstered snap-in cover or Matex snap-in cover on outer back
    • Outer back engineered wood panel: 9 ply 3/4" (19mm) or 7 ply 19/16" (14mm) laminate or wood veneer
    • Fully upholstered zippered cover or Matex zippered seat bottom
    • Seat bottom engineered wood panel: 9 ply 3/4" (19mm) or 7 ply 19/16" (14mm). Laminate or wood veneer
    • Armrest: Polyurethane
    • Engineered wood panel: Polyurethane, upholstered, laminate or wood veneer
    • ADA swing-out panel
    • Veneer engineered wood panels: Stained edge, veneer edge, or wood banding
    • Laminate engineered wood panels: Stained edge
    • LED 12 or 24Volts - soft warm white 2700-3000K, natural white 3600-4100K, cool white daylight 5000-6500K
    • Aisle lights mount under the armrest or in the end panel
    • Custom LED lighting available
    • Floor supports for flat and slope floors. Up to 9 degrees
    • Floor cantilever support for flat and slope floors. Up to 9 degrees
    • Riser supports for riser's heights between 6" to 24"
    • Air pedestal supports
    • Active
    • Tandem of 1, 2, or 3 chairs
    • Out-in of individual chairs
    • Riser removable system of individual chairs