Gorgeous Worship Seating for Virginia Churches: Choose Quality and Tradition with SERIES

Custom designed worship seating is the one you should be choosing to give a temple spirit and uniqueness. We know that finding such a solution in Virginia is far from an easy task. Many customized worship seating options are so expensive that they’re immediately dismissed as a possibility.

Ever since 1999, SERIES has been working hard on changing the way in which worship seating is made and sold. We have two main goals – giving clients tailored solutions and making those products affordable. This is the main reason why SERIES worship seating is used in all kinds of religious temples across the globe.

The reason why custom seating products for Virginia temples are so expensive is because most manufacturers start the product from scratch. Needless to say, this way of making seating is time consuming and it contributes to additional costs that are eliminated through the SERIES process.

SERIES has a completely different approach. We build worship seating that can be customized by the client. The core of the product remains the same but our customers still have a lot of flexibility. Needless to say, the innovative SERIES approach to worship seating manufacturing has made tailored solutions a lot more affordable for small and large temples in all parts of the country (as well as in 50 other nations on nearly every continent).

Choose the Worship Seating that’s Right for Your Temple


Virginia temples have a range of SERIES products to choose among, each one coming with its specific characteristics.

Church Pews


Church Pews Virginia

The church pew is probably the most traditional type of worship seating. Though we’ve kept the traditional design, we’ve made it more comfortable and ergonomic. As a result, the church pews create a spacious and cozy interior, giving the place of worship its unique charm.

Temple Seating


Temple Seating Virginia

The Celebration line of temple seating addresses the worship needs of all kinds of religious communities. The line was introduced back in 1999 and it was the first product that made custom seating anything but a luxury. Just tell us about the color specifics or any other requirements you have and we’ll give you a personalized solution.

Synagogue Seating


Synagoge Seating Virginia

Synagogues will benefit from both the Celebration and Celebration II lines. These are created with the specifics of religious practices in mind and installed in adherence to all of the space organization rules for a Jewish temple.

Stacking Chairs


Stacking Chairs Virginia

Stackable chairs are one of the most practical options, especially if you often need extra seating or if your religious community organizes frequent events. A combination of temple seating (like the Celebration line) and stacking chairs is ideal for customizing the temple’s interior.

Get Premium and Cost-Efficient Products

As already mentioned, our special approach to manufacturing gives temples in Virginia an opportunity to modernize their interior without being forced to spend a large sum on a tailored solution. All SERIES worship seating lines feature superior materials that guarantee the longevity of the products.

Affordable generic seating doesn’t give worshipers comfort and doesn’t make them feel right at home in the temple. Unfortunately, many churches and synagogues in Virginia have had to opt for this type of seating because of the price tags attached to luxurious, customized furniture.

This is the main reason why SERIES developed such an extensive catalogue of worship seating items. Whether you’re furnishing a small chapel or a large cathedral that’s suited to the needs of hundreds of believers, you’ll find a SERIES solution that will be the perfect match.

Your worship community deserves a beautiful temple and you don’t have to make a compromise with the purchase of generic seating. SERIES is a leader in this niche because we think about our clients and we’re not afraid to bring innovative concepts to the market. If you’re interested in SERIES seating or you have questions about our products, give us a call right now at 305-932-4626.