Series Manufacturing

At SERIES Seating, we take great pride in delivering the finest seating systems available. We are the only company that manufacturers everything in-house. This enables us to maintain competitive pricing and high quality standards. We design and manufacturer 100% of our chairs. This includes all components, from the plywood and the woodwork, to the finishes, foam, and metal, ensuring that both the highest quality and our precise specifications are maintained. In addition, we do all of our design and engineering, including the design and printing of our brochures, literature, and manuals. The few items we do not make here at SERIES are the signage, fabric, and screws.

By keeping so much of our production in house, we are able to ensure that you are receiving the best possible products. This also streamlines production time, allowing us superior quality control, and enabling us to provide immediate access to replacement parts.

This is not only beneficial to our customers, but it also supports our efforts to stay environmentally responsible. Through the entire process we are able to reduce considerable amounts of manufacturing waste. Foam pieces are molded to the exact size, removing the need for excessive trimming, thereby helping to eliminate waste. Our metal components are laser cut, which also decreases waste. In addition to this, all of the scrap metal is collected and recycled.